"Turn around, even if you have proceeded far on the wrong path."
-Turkish proverb
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Do you feel that you have arrived at a dead end street or that you are standing at a junction not knowing which direction to choose? Sometimes you might feel as if life has handed out a hard punch rigth in your stomach and getting up on your feet again feels almost impossible.
Do you experience problems with time management, feeling that the days aren´t long enough and you need to do yet more and more all the time, having to manage with far too little sleep, perhaps you need pills to help you fall asleep in the nigth, have too little free time or are too tired to enjoy it... does this sound familiar?
Do you wake up in the mornings feeling rested and full of enthusiasm for the new day?
Have you stopped to think about who you really are and what kind of life you really would like to live?
A Life Coach will help you identify where you are rigth now, what you want and what you are willing to do to achieve what you want.
With what kinds of challenges do clients seek the help of a Life Coach?
  • Time management
  • Work and career
  • Relationships
  • Health issues
  • Small and large changes in life
Perhaps you aren´t facing any great challenges right now but long for better self-esteem and simply want more out of life!
Routines, habits and values are important to us and even very small changes can accomplish a big difference in our daily lives. Changes are, however, often difficult to achieve because we are often slaves under our habits. The support of a Life Coach is therefore of great value.

"We are what we do repeatedly".
- Aristoteles

Price: Coaching package of 5 (a´ 75 min) weekly sessions with homework in between meetings 545 €.
Additional sessions 70 € / 50 min, 105 € / 75 min