Touch is essential for the wellbeing of our physical bodies. Touch not only endorses and strengthens expression, it is also a way of giving and receiving pleasure. We shake hands, hug each other, lean against each other, stroke each other. We touch ourselves when we rest our hands on our laps, hold our hands on or rub sore areas on our bodies. We massage lotion into our skin and we scratch ourselves. We touch in many different ways.
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actile Stimulation is structured touch. It activates the skin and can be used to:
  • Create calmness and peace
  • Releave pain
  • Decrease aggressiveness
  • Increase curiosity
  • Improve immune defence
  • Improve stomach and intestine functions
  • Improve the quality of life
I am a trained Tactile Stimulation Therapist. I don´t give that service right now but I do recommend it for anybody in need of Body Therapy.