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We all carry our own personal history which has formed us into what we are today. However we also possess creative potential and a longing to leave behind harmful patterns of behavior as well as a longing for personal growth. With the help of therapy are we able to work with and heal our psychological wounds, let our creativity flow and find a deeper meaning in our lives. When we know who we are and what we want, we develop as individuals and get closer to our goals.
Psychosyntesis offers a wide range of tools to work with. As well as discussion, they include, visualisations, free drawing, Gestalt therapy exercises and other methods of free expression.

The goal of the theraphy is that “you, yourself would become your own best therapist” and learn to cope with all challanges life hands out, without falling into limiting pitfalls.
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If you are tired of feeling unwell, isn´t it time to do something about it? If you for example feel unhappy at work or are unemployed, are ill, suffer from stress, need help with coping with your life, feel depressed, need support as a parent, are young and feel that nobody is listening to you or need help in your divorce process then you can turn to me in confidence.